Thursday, July 20, 2006

Verisign PayFlow Authentication ECI XID CAVV values Example

I am sending orders to verisign payflow pro and i am using a third party for
additional "Buyer authentication". The third party sends certain response values
back to me to include in my order request to verisign to decide if the order
is fraudulent or not. They work along with MasterCard secure code and
verified by visa. The upside to this is that if they say the order is okay
then the merchant is not libel for the fraud and they lose no money.
We are using XMLPay document to send our messages to verisign and i want to include
this information i have recieved from the third party.
It is unclear in the XMLPay spec where to insert this information.
I do see examples where to insert the ECI, XID, CAVV values in many other
manuals but they only show examples in a string format instead of an xml format.
I found a quote below in a manual but this was no help.

Special Note for XMLPay users

For Call 4 on page 42, pass AUTHENTICATION_STATUS=,


ECI= in the ExtData for Authorization and Sale transactions.

This was not correct. I also emailed verisign and they only responded
with another copy of the manual.

Here is an example document of the correct place to insert these.

<ns0:XMLPayRequest Timeout="60" version="2.0" xmlns:ns0="">
<Transaction Id="GPECAWJ4AG358HAF35RXK55A87" CustRef="">
<Name>first last</Name>
<Street>7600 Main Street</Street>
<Name>first last</Name>
<Street>7600 My Street</Street>
<ExtData Name="COMMENT2" Value="1PECFWJ4Aq358HAF35XRK55A87"></ExtData>
<CardNum encrypt="1">qFS+dZ9kEi/sCCPe288eB</CardNum>
<ExpDate encrypt="1">E3V1BuHDhEBCzEvHURwB92zWjfJc2+rC</ExpDate>
<CVNum encrypt="1">Kd762lK+2HAkxiRrNK7JCA==</CVNum>
<NameOnCard>My Name</NameOnCard>
<BrowserUserAgent>Mozilla/4.0 </BrowserUserAgent>



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