Thursday, November 17, 2005

change dotnetnuke folder installation path rename

1. install dotnetnuke to default as normal.
2. rename your folder to your new name.
3. exit your solution and iisreset.
3. delete your old virtual root and create a new virtual root pointing to that name
4. edit DotNetNuke.sln. On the second line you'll see "http://localhost/DotNetNuke/DotNetNuke.vbproj". Change the URL to your location, ie: "http://localhost/NewPage/DotNetNuke.vbproj"
5. edit DotNetNuke.vbproj.webinfo. On the second line make the same change.
6. Start your soluton, it should load fine.
7. If dotnetnuke redirects you to the old site after explorer tries the old site do 8 and 9
8. exec GetPortalAliasByPortalID 0 to see your aliases
9. use your judgement using something like exec UpdatePortalAlias 1, 0, 'localhost/NewPage'


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