Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Duplicate Partial File Finder

How many times have you downloaded a bunch of songs from Kazaa (or whatever P2P program) and had several duplicate files. If one of those files is 99% there and the other is 100% of the actual file, no current duplicate eliminator program will work. I created a program that scans for partial files and allows you to delete them. First it does a pre-scan and only scans (compares) a little bit into the file (compares by using a hash). This will result in a few errors, but saves alot of time and eliminate non duplicates from the equation and selects probable duplicates without having to go through each entire file. A second pass goes alot further into the file to ensure accuracy. It saves alot of space. Try it, on the download link.

No Sourcesafe, YES integrate CVS into Visual Studio .net

This thing is awesome.
I hate sourcesafe. But cvs is annoying since its not integrated. The good news is this site has a plugin to use cvs seamlessly in visual studio. It works perfect, its awesome!You might think you found a few kinks like things that dont work and greyed out things that used to work in sourcesafe but you need to fool with it for a while. You'll find out that alot of the sourcesafe features are redundant. Works with cvsnt which is free. Also works with any other cvs such as linux ones.